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Chinatown Singapore Maxwell Food Centre

History of Maxwell Food Centre

Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore has been around since the 1950s. At first, it was just a place where street vendors and hawkers sold food. Because it became so popular, the government created a proper space for these vendors.
In 1986, Maxwell Food Centre officially opened. People loved it for the different types of tasty local food you could find there. Over the years, the centre was upgraded to keep up with the times while keeping its historic charm.

Maxwell Food Centre is now famous for its affordable and delicious local dishes. From classics like Hainanese chicken rice to newer creations, it’s a place where you can enjoy the diverse flavours of Singapore’s food. It’s not just a historical spot; it’s a lively place where everyone can come together to savour the unique tastes of Singapore.

Maxwell Food Centre Best Food Stalls

Maxwell Food Centre, a renowned hawker centre in Singapore, is celebrated for its diverse culinary offerings. Maxwell Food Centre has become an iconic destination for food enthusiasts in the heart of the city.

While some might have concerns about the prices, the food options at Maxwell Food Centre are delicious and well worth the experience. Boasting a curated selection of 100 top hawker stalls, Maxwell Food Centre promises to elevate your dining experience with various flavours and culinary excellence.

Old Nyonya Menu


DishesPrice in SGD
Rendang Chicken6.00
Curry Chicken5.00
Nyonya Laksa5.00
Royal Laksa10.00
Seafood Bee Hoon Soup5.00


DishesPrice in SGD
BuBur Cha Cha3.00


DishesPrice in SGD
Fried Fish Rolls3.00

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice Menu


DishPrice (SGD)
Spring Rolls (4)$8.99
Prawn Dumplings (6)$10.99

Soup Delights

DishPrice (SGD)
Hainanese Chicken Soup$6.99
Seafood Tom Yum Soup$12.99

Main Course – Signature Dishes

DishPrice (SGD)
Hainanese Chicken Rice$14.99
Chilli CrabMarket Price
Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball (6)$16.99
Crispy Prawn Paste Chicken Wings (8)$13.99

Vegetarian Delights

DishPrice (SGD)
Vegetarian Laksa$11.99
Stir-Fried Asian Greens$9.99


DishPrice (SGD)
Mango Sticky Rice$7.99
Pandan Kaya Toast$5.99


DishPrice (SGD)
Teh Tarik$3.99
Fresh Coconut Juice$4.99

Dao Xiang Ju Menu

Spicy Menu

DishesPrice (SGD)
Spicy cold chicken$8 – $12
Smoked duck with tea leaves$10 – $15
Stir-fried eggplant with garlic sauce$6 – $8
Kung Pao chicken$12 – $15
Spicy fish with chili peppers$15 – $20
Stir-fried pork with black bean sauce$8 – $12
Braised pork belly with fermented black beans$10 – $15
Spicy fish soup with tofu$8 – $12
Hunan-style hot and sour soup$6 – $8
Smoked duck with plum sauce$12 – $15
Tea-smoked ribs$15 – $20
Steamed white rice$2 – $3
Yangzhou fried rice$6 – $8
Chinese rice wine$8 – $15
Tea$3 – $5
Soft drinks$1 – $2

Other Menu

DishPrice (SGD)
Wonton in Chilli Oil Fish Soup$5 – $7
Ban Mian (Wavy Noodles)$4 – $6
Pao Fan (Shredded Chicken Rice Porridge)$4 – $6
Dry Ban Mian with minced pork/vegetables$4 – $5
Laksa (coconut curry noodle soup)$5 – $7
Mee Hoon Kueh (flat rice noodles)$3 – $5
Dumplings (steamed/fried)$3 – $5
Tau pok (stuffed tofu pockets)$2 – $3
Vegetables$2 – $3
Iced tea$1 – $2
Soft drinks$1 – $2
Chinese herbal tea$2 – $3

Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice Menu

Hainanese Chicken (Price In SGD)

Hainanese Poached Chicken Rice$4.50$6.50$8.50
Hainanese Roasted Chicken Rice$5.00$7.00$9.00
Mixed Chicken Rice$5.50$7.50$9.50
Chicken Drumstick Rice$5.50$7.50$9.50
Chicken Rice Ball Set
(5 balls)
Chicken Congee$5.00
Vegetarian Hainanese Rice$4.00$5.50$7.00

Side Dishes

DishesPrice In SGD
Homemade Ginger Paste$0.50
Chili Sauce$0.50
Dark Soy Sauce$0.50


DishesPrice In SGD
Iced Lime Juice$2.00
Chinese Tea$1.50

Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake Menu

Oyster Cakes

DishesPrice In SGD
Spicy Fusion$4.49
Sesame Delight$4.99
Sweet Surprise$4.99
Fuzhou Combo Platter$10.99

Side Dishes

DishesPrice In SGD
Crispy Seaweed Snacks$1.99
Edamame Beans$2.49
Refreshing Salad$3.99


DishesPrice In SGD
Traditional Tea$1.49
Fruit-Infused Beverages$2.99

Fish Village Menu Singapore

Crispy Calamari$10.99
Zesty Shrimp Cocktails$12.99
Grilled Salmon Fillet$16.99
Lobster Tail Delight$28.99
Seafood Paella Fusion$22.99
Mango Tango Tuna Tartare$18.99
Fish and Chips Extravaganza$14.99
Seafood Pasta Medley$20.99
Garlic Buttered Asparagus$8.99
Truffle Parmesan Fries$6.99
Sea Salt Caramel Panna Cotta$9.99
Lemon Berry Sea Breeze Sorbet$7.99
Ocean Breeze Mocktail$4.99
Fisherman’s Brew Iced Tea$3.99

Alimama Menu

Prawn Noodles

DishPrice (SGD)
Big Prawn with Lala Noodle$5/8
Big Prawn with Scallop Noodle$8
Crayfish with Lala Noodle$10
Pork Ribs Noodle$5
Pork Ribs Noodle with Prawn$7
Pork Ribs Noodle with Abalone$7
Pork Ribs Noodle with Intestines$7
Pork Ribs Noodle with all three options$10

Grilled Options

DishPrice (SGD)
Grilled Fish Rice (Nasi Ikan Bakar)$8
Grilled Prawn King Rice$8
Otak Otak

Other Dishes 

DishPrice (SGD)
Green Chilli Chicken Rice$6
Grilled Chicken Rice (Nasi Ayam Pangang)$6

Danlao Menu Singapore

Noodle Soups

DishesPrice (SGD)
Beef Noodle Soup8.5
Chicken Laksa9.5
Seafood Tom Yum Noodle Soup10.5

Rice Dishes

DishesPrice (SGD)
Hainanese Chicken Rice9
Nasi Lemak8.5
Char Kway Teow10

Stir-Fried Delights

DishesPrice (SGD)
Black Pepper Beef11
Vegetable Fried Rice8

Snacks and Sides

DishesPrice (SGD)
Spring Rolls4.5
Satay Skewers
(6 pieces)


DishesPrice (SGD)
Teh Tarik3
Fresh Coconut4.5


DishesPrice (SGD)
Teh Tarik3
Fresh Coconut4.5

Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee Menu

DishesPrice (SGD)
Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee$6.50
Spicy Hokkien Prawn Mee$7.00
Seafood Deluxe Prawn Mee$12.50
Vegetarian Prawn Mee$6.00
Dry Style Prawn Mee$8.00
Prawn Mee with Egg$7.50
Customizable OptionsVaries
Kopi or Teh Tarik$2.00
Iced Barley Water or Lime Juice$2.50

Zhen Zhen Porridge Menu

Porridge Variation

DishesPrice (in SGD)
Plain Porridge$3.50
Century Egg and Pork Porridge$5.00
Chicken Porridge$4.50
Fish Porridge$6.00
Mixed Pork Porridge$5.50
Abalone Porridge$10.00
Seafood Porridge$8.50
Vegetable Porridge$4.00
Salted Egg Porridge$5.50
Pork Porridge$4.00

Maxwell lok lok Menu

Skewer Selection

DishesPrice per Unit
Chicken SkewersSGD 1.50
Beef SkewersSGD 2.00
Pork SkewersSGD 1.80
Shrimp SkewersSGD 2.50
Fish BallsSGD 1.00
Squid RingsSGD 2.00
Tofu CubesSGD 1.20
Quail EggsSGD 0.80
Mushroom MedleySGD 1.50

Dipping Sauces

DishesPrice per Unit
Spicy Peanut SauceSGD 0.50
Satay SauceSGD 0.50
Sweet Chili SauceSGD 0.50
Garlic Soy SauceSGD 0.50
Sambal BelacanSGD 0.50
Hoisin SauceSGD 0.50
Sesame SauceSGD 0.50
Thai Sweet Chili SauceSGD 0.50


DishesPrice per Unit
Fried Mantou
(Chinese buns)
SGD 1.50
Fried Crispy ShallotsSGD 0.50
Steamed Jasmine RiceSGD 1.00
Pickled VegetablesSGD 1.00


DishesPrice per Unit
Fresh Coconut WaterSGD 2.50
Iced Lemongrass TeaSGD 1.80
Sugarcane JuiceSGD 2.00
Soft DrinksSGD 1.00 – 1.50


DishesPrice per Unit
Fried Banana FrittersSGD 2.00
Ice Cream Spring RollsSGD 3.50
Mango Sticky RiceSGD 4.00

Tong Xin Ju Special Shanghai Tim Sum Menu

Dim Sum Delights

DishesPrice in SGDQuantity
Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings)$5.996 pieces
Sheng Jian Bao$4.504 pieces
Har Gow (Crystal Dumplings)$6.994 pieces
Baozi (Steamed Buns)$3.992 pieces
Scallion Pancakes$4.253 pieces

Signature Specials

DishesPrice in SGDQuantity
Shanghai-style Wonton Soup$7.991 bowl
Sticky Rice Rolls$5.503 rolls
Shanghai-style Congee$6.991 bowl

Sweet Endings

DishesPrice in SGDQuantity
Red Bean Pancakes$4.252 pancakes
Osmanthus Jelly$3.991 serving


DishesPrice in SGDQuantity
Chinese Tea Selection$2.501 person (complimentary with meal)

China Street Hum Jin Pang Menu

Fried Dough Fritters

Price: S$1 for six

China Street Hum Jin Pang Menu Singapore

Ri Xin Snack Delights Menu

DishesPrice (SGD)
Ang Ku Kueh$1
Peanut Rice Cakes$1.50 – $2.50
Savory Bean Curd Puffs (Pork/Veg)$1.20
Fried Dumplings (Pork/Prawn/Veg)$3 – $4 (5 pieces)
Kuih Talam$1.50 – $2
Kuih Lapis$2
Teh Tarik$1.50
Kopi (Hot/Iced)$1.50 – $2
Chrysanthemum Tea (Hot/Cold)$1.50 – $2
Fruit Juices$2 – $3
Soft Drinks$1 – $2
Bottled Water$1

Fu Shun Shao La Mian Jia Menu


DishesPrice in SGD
Spring Rolls (4 pcs)$6.99
Prawn Dumplings (Har Gow)$8.99
Sesame Cold Noodles$5.99

Soup Noodles

DishesPrice in SGD
Beef Brisket Noodle Soup$10.99
Spicy Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles$9.99

Hand-Pulled Noodles

DishesPrice in SGD
Shao La Mian with Roast Duck$12.99
Vegetarian Lo Mein$8.99

Signature Bowls

DishesPrice in SGD
Fu Shun Special La Mian$14.99
Garlic Chili Prawns Noodle Bowl$16.99

Rice Dishes

DishesPrice in SGD
Yangzhou Fried Rice$11.99
Vegetable Hakka Fried Rice$9.99


DishesPrice in SGD
Jasmine Green Tea – Hot$2.99
Jasmine Green Tea – Iced$3.99
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice$4.99
Lychee Iced Tea$3.99


DishesPrice in SGD
Red Bean Sesame Balls (Jian Dui)$5.99
Mango Sticky Rice$7.99

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd Menu


DishesPrice In SGD
Beancurd with Syrup$2.50
Beancurd with Grass Jelly$2.50
Beancurd with Pearls$2.50
Beancurd with Red Bean$2.50
Beancurd with Longan$2.50
Beancurd with Green Bean$2.50
Beancurd with Taro Ball$2.50
Beancurd with Sweet Potato Ball$2.50
Beancurd with Yam Ball$2.50

Ah Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice Menu

Chicken Rice

Menu ItemPrice in SGD
Poached Hainanese Chicken Rice$4
Poached Hainanese Chicken Rice$5
Poached Hainanese Chicken Rice$6

Mr.Appam Menu Singapore

Savoury Appams

DishesPrice (SGD)
Egg & Cheese$2.50
Veggie Delight$2.00
Durian Blast$3.00

Sweet Appams

DishesPrice (SGD)
Banana Chocolate$2.00
Pandan Coconut$2.50
Butterfly Pea Gula Melaka$3.00

Sweet Treats and Drinks

DishesPrice (SGD)
Putu Mayam$1.00
Kopi (Coffee)$1.20
Teh (Tea)$1.00
Milo (Hot chocolate malt)$1.50

Jiang Nan Wei Dao Menu


DishesPrice In SGD
Spring Rolls$6.99
Steamed Dumplings$8.99
Scallion Pancakes$5.99


DishesPrice In SGD
Hot and Sour Soup (cup)$4.99
Hot and Sour Soup (bowl)$8.99
Wonton Soup (bowl)$7.99

Main Courses

DishesPrice In SGD
Sweet and Sour Chicken$12.99
Braised Pork Belly$14.99
Yangzhou Fried Rice$10.99

Noodles and Rice

DishesPrice In SGD
Beef Noodle Soup$11.99
Vegetable Lo Mein$9.99

Seafood Specialties

DishesPrice In SGD
Szechuan Shrimp$13.99
Steamed Fish with Ginger and Scallions$16.99

Vegetarian Options

DishesPrice In SGD
Mapo Tofu$9.99
Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables$8.99


DishesPrice In SGD
Red Bean Pancakes$5.99
Mango Sticky Rice$7.99


DishesPrice In SGD
Green Tea (per person)$2.99
Lychee Punch (glass)$4.99


A Singaporean Culinary Sensation

Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee: Specializing in Hokkien Prawn Mee, this stall is well-received for its flavorful and satisfying noodle dish with a mix of prawns, squid, and a tasty broth.

Maxwell Food Centre Hawker Centres Singapore

Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore is super famous for yummy food. It’s in Chinatown and has been serving delicious dishes since 1986. People love it because there are many stalls with different types of food.

Maxwell Food Centre isn’t just a food spot; it’s a special place that shows how people from different backgrounds can enjoy good food together. Whether you’re a food expert or want to try something new, Maxwell Food Centre is Singapore’s go-to spot for a tasty adventure.a

Zhen Zhen Porridge Maxwell Food Centre Singapore

Zhen Zhen Porridge:

Zhen Zhen Porridge is known for its comforting and delicious porridge. The stall offers a variety of options, including century egg porridge and fish porridge.

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd Maxwell Food Centre

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd:

For a refreshing dessert, Lao Ban Soya Beancurd is a popular choice. They are known for their silky smooth soya beancurd with a variety of toppings.

Ah Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice Maxwell Food Centre Singapore

Ah Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice:

Another popular Hainanese chicken rice stall at Maxwell Food Centre is Ah Tai. They are known for their tender chicken and fragrant rice.

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice Maxwell Food Centre Singapore

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice:

Famous for its Hainanese chicken rice, Tian Tian is a well-known and highly recommended stall. The succulent chicken and flavorful rice make it a must-try.

Maxwell Food Centre Stalls List

Maxwell Food Centre Reopens in Singapore

There was a big party for the reopening, where you could try delicious food from your favourite stalls. It’s not just the old favourites; there are new stalls with exciting flavours, too.

People and shops helped each other while Maxwell Food Centre was closed, and now, it’s time for everyone to come together and eat some fantastic food. So, if you’re hungry for chicken rice, laksa, or curry rice, head to Maxwell Food Centre for a tasty adventure.

Good news for people who love tasty food in Singapore. Maxwell Food Centre is open again, ready for you to enjoy yummy local dishes. After taking a break, the place got even more excellent and cleaner for everyone to have a good time.

maxwell food centre breakfast menu
maxwell food centre food

To reach Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore, you have a few options:

  • On the Green Line, the nearest MRT station to Maxwell Food Centre is Tanjong Pagar (EW15).
  • You can take Exit B towards Maxwell Road from Tanjong Pagar MRT station.
  • Walk straight and take the escalator.
  • Turn right and continue until you reach Maxwell Food Centre.
  1. You can also contact Maxwell Food Centre by bus.
  2. Check the bus routes that pass by the area and find the nearest bus stop to your location.
  3. Alight at the bus stop near Maxwell Food Centre and walk to the food centre.

Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Maxwell Food Centre is typically open daily from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. However, please check the latest updates as operating hours may vary.

Maxwell Food Centre is home to more than 100 stalls. You’ll find a diverse range of hawker delights to choose from.

Maxwell Food Centre’s rich history and affordable and diverse food offerings have made it a beloved destination for locals and tourists seeking an authentic taste of Singaporean street food culture.

Yes, there are vegetarian options, like vegetable noodles and vegetarian bee hoon.

Not all stalls at Maxwell Food Centre are necessarily Halal-certified. However, some stalls do offer Halal options. Visitors are advised to check with individual stalls for specific dietary requirements.

Maxwell Food Centre is renowned for its diverse food offerings, and the stalls here serve authentic and delicious versions of Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee, making it a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

Maxwell Food Centre is at 1 Kadayanallur Street, near Chinatown. It’s open every day, but different stalls may have additional hours, so check when your favorite stall is available.

Yes, Maxwell Food Centre maintains high hygiene standards. The stalls are regularly inspected to ensure cleanliness and food safety.

What People Say About Us

Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore is a favourite for its delicious and affordable local dishes, creating a lively dining atmosphere. While finding a seat during busy times can be a challenge, the centre’s cleanliness is commendable. Check online for the latest Maxwell Food Centre Review.

Maxwell Food Centre
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Olivia JonesOlivia Jones
13:36 27 May 24
Adhitya SatriadiAdhitya Satriadi
07:29 27 May 24
johan setiawanjohan setiawan
19:40 26 May 24
k ambok ambo
16:55 26 May 24
Cheap and delicious. I ate porridge and chimaki.
19:41 05 Feb 24
Because it is a place where many locals come, we were able to enjoy plenty of delicious food at a relatively low price. Most restaurants do not accept card payments, but only cash and QR code payments are accepted. Fortunately, there was an ATM at the entrance so I was able to withdraw cash.
Shawn HoShawn Ho
14:14 05 Feb 24
Always nice food, my fondest is the thai stall at the corner. Authentic and chilli is super power, be warned hahaha
Michael MrowetzMichael Mrowetz
13:42 05 Feb 24
Ch JeanCh Jean
11:46 05 Feb 24
Best come off peak hours.Prices aint too bad and for a tourist, it’s pretty great. As prices are not too expensive as it’s just right opposite of China Town. Had the Teow Chew dry noodles with fishball soup and braised pork rice. Pretty good!
Mr PMr P
10:10 05 Feb 24
Food was selected. Good cook.
Natthakrit DeyaNatthakrit Deya
16:24 31 Jan 24
ron dyron dy
14:13 31 Jan 24
Place can improve its ventilation. Food was great and affordable, its your typical hawker food center.
kyle rkyle r
11:59 31 Jan 24
Ajeng PramestiAjeng Pramesti
08:05 31 Jan 24
Pham Hong LoanPham Hong Loan
07:41 31 Jan 24
Lots of foreigner here. Really busy but nice and fun too. Sometimes some area is quite dirty bz traveller forget “self services”
Sulistyo AgustinusSulistyo Agustinus
01:29 31 Jan 24
Nice place to eat. Near Maxwell station full of choice. Yummy
Bryan TerliatanBryan Terliatan
22:20 30 Jan 24
So many options and just simply incredible mix of cusines and cultures
milcah kigonimilcah kigoni
15:35 30 Jan 24
Kin MacKin Mac
14:57 30 Jan 24
Discover the most incredible Michelin-starred Hainanese chicken at Maxwell Hawker Center, right next to Maxwell station in SG – a personal favorite. Be prepared for queues during lunch and dinner; my tip is to arrive early for the best experience.The rice itself is a flavor explosion, and the chicken is simply outstanding, thanks to its secret and mouthwatering sauce. This straightforward yet utterly satisfying meal never fails to fill my tummy with joy.And if you're up for more, don't miss their Bak kut teh – a cherished and delicious pork rib dish that holds a special spot in my heart and the hearts of many Singaporeans.
00:35 30 Jan 24
bestest hawker in singapore, so many choice and accessible!
Samara PiresSamara Pires
13:51 29 Jan 24
Ok but orchard road malls have much better food - try out ION Orchard mall
12:49 29 Jan 24
Vera AwVera Aw
07:12 29 Jan 24
Mark SMark S
16:29 28 Jan 24
12:28 28 Jan 24
Top quick food
Stephanie RowanStephanie Rowan
12:15 28 Jan 24
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10:03 28 Jan 24
Johnson HsuJohnson Hsu
09:42 28 Jan 24
stevana dian rosariestevana dian rosarie
12:16 27 Jan 24
Many choices of culinary, reasonable price, close to the tourists center
Andreas GrathwohlAndreas Grathwohl
11:36 27 Jan 24
ice starice star
10:38 27 Jan 24
Jarumart PanchimJarumart Panchim
10:33 27 Jan 24
Chai Siew TaiChai Siew Tai
14:25 26 Jan 24
Typical local food.
✅ Reason for visit: Visited for dinner✅ Menu: Chicken Rice, Raksha- Chicken rice worth 5,000 won, Raksha worth 6,000 won- Chicken rice is good for Korean tastes, Lakshya is good for people who have been to Southeast Asia (strong lemongrass and coconut flavor)✅ Inside:- Crowded with people even on weekday evenings- A space where you can feel the local atmosphere- The sanitary condition of the table is table by table, not very good.✅ Features:- Just like in a food court, you can eat food bought from various places together.- If there are a lot of people, it is better to reserve a seat and have one person guard it.
B. GohB. Goh
06:34 26 Jan 24
It's hard to get seats during lunch time. Super long queue for those well-known stalls. Food is great but not exceptional. Price is alright.
David TngDavid Tng
05:06 26 Jan 24
15:48 25 Jan 24
Minna LinMinna Lin
14:49 25 Jan 24
dong kook Hongdong kook Hong
09:46 25 Jan 24
It's a famous place and the food is delicious, but you have to wait in line for the well-known stores.
Alice YuretichAlice Yuretich
09:40 25 Jan 24
Hankce BernHankce Bern
07:25 25 Jan 24
16:38 24 Jan 24
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08:51 24 Jan 24
George ChuaGeorge Chua
01:00 24 Jan 24
luke wluke w
23:25 23 Jan 24
francis khoofrancis khoo
20:18 23 Jan 24
Excellent location for economical local delights. Observed many tourists are already aware of the local treasure. Perhaps attributed to the nearby tourist attractions.
Rosy RainRosy Rain
19:47 23 Jan 24
Bernie MilanBernie Milan
13:27 23 Jan 24
Novie HernawatiNovie Hernawati
00:01 23 Jan 24
Ngan TranNgan Tran
09:46 22 Jan 24
Good food. Affordable price. Very convenient location .
Sean SmithSean Smith
04:29 22 Jan 24
Petr ŠťastnýPetr Šťastný
15:22 21 Jan 24
14:43 21 Jan 24
retriever goldenretriever golden
12:46 21 Jan 24
Located next to Maxwell MRT. Very crowded during lunch time. Lot's of food to choose and price reasonable.
Caro BauerCaro Bauer
08:28 21 Jan 24
04:08 13 Jan 24
Food centre that cater so many different cuisine, middle eastern, street food, Chinese and Thai and many more.Once the late chef Anthony Bourdain was here.Food was cheap $1-10 in average range
Great variety of good food at cheap prices! Tourist and family should check out all the nearby hawker centres situated in Chinatown. Not just a combination of local delights, there's also a mixture of interracial and country food.
Hospitality InsiderHospitality Insider
04:24 25 Nov 23
Our first meal at 🇸🇬 and had to go to the most famous of them all Chicken rice stall at Maxwell Food Centre. The late Anthony Bourdain says the rice is so good and it is true!! You can taste the yumminess of each grain of rice 🍚 The line lining up for it is testament to how popular this is to the locals.There is also other yummy food here as well from the oyster 🦪 omelette to the refreshing sugar cane drinks. Really good value and don’t forget to bring your own tissues!!
Jake CaruanaJake Caruana
02:19 25 Nov 23
Best food centre I visited while in Singapore. Very authentic and a great selection of cuisine.Note that it gets quite crowded during lunch time, and many stalls close at the weekend.
Thien TrangThien Trang
15:12 29 Oct 23
One of the famous Hawker Centres in Singapore. I came to try out the famous Hawker stalls that are located within the center and they did not disappoint! Definitely recommend going early as to not wait in long lines/queues.Tip: Bring your own napkins!!! This was my first trip to Singapore and I've noticed that 98% of restaurants do not have napkins, so BYON, bring your own napkins.