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Welcome to Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore. You’ll find a popular spot called “Tanjong Pagar TeoChew Fishball Noodle.” It’s known for delicious TeoChew cuisine, especially its tasty fishball noodles. The smell of the freshly made noodles will make your mouth water. Whether you’re a food lover or trying it for the first time, you’ll enjoy the cozy atmosphere and yummy food at Tanjong Pagar TeoChew Fishball Noodle. It’s a great place to experience the best of Singaporean street food. Enjoy a delicious meal that will make you want to return for more.

Tanjong Pagar TeoChew Fishball Noodle Menu

At Tanjong Pagar Teochew Fishball Noodle, you can get yummy noodle dishes. Pick thin, flat, or rice noodles with fishballs, meat, and veggies in a tasty sauce. Want more? Add fishcake. Are you not a seafood fan? Get meat noodles instead. There’s also a warm fish ball soup with veggies and meatballs. Are you feeling snacky? Grab their handmade or fried fishballs with chili sauce. Wash it all down with a drink. This stall keeps it simple but yummy, making it an excellent spot for a filling and cheap meal.

Signature TeoChew Fishball Noodle Soup$4.50$5.50$7.00
Fishball Dry Noodles$4.00$5.00$6.50
TeoChew Fish Dumpling Soup$5.00$6.00$8.00
Special Prawn Paste Chicken Noodles$6.00$7.00$9.00
TeoChew Fishball Noodle Set$10.00


Add-OnsPrice In SGD
Additional Fishball$0.50 each
Extra Fish Dumplings$1.50 for 3
Noodles Upgrade (Egg Noodles or Kway Teow)$1.00


DrinksPrice In SGD
Hot/Cold Barley Water$2.00
Iced Lemon Tea$2.50
Soft Drinks (Coca-Cola, Sprite)$1.50

Tanjong Pagar TeoChew Fishball Noodle Singapore Location

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-74, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Tanjong Pagar TeoChew Fishball Noodle Halal-certified?

It’s important to note that Tanjong Pagar TeoChew Fishball Noodle may not be Halal-certified. Visitors with specific dietary requirements should inquire about the ingredients used.

Where is Maxwell Food Centre located?

Maxwell Food Centre is situated in the heart of Chinatown in Singapore, at 1 Kadayanallur Street, Singapore 069184.

What are the signature dishes at Tanjong Pagar TeoChew Fishball Noodle?

The stall is known for its TeoChew-style fishball noodles, featuring springy fish balls, flavorful broth, and a choice of noodles.

Are there vegetarian options available?

While the stall primarily focuses on fishball noodles, vegetarian options may be limited. You can check with the stall to inquire about any suitable alternatives.

Tanjong Pagar TeoChew Fishball Noodle Reviews

S. LS. L
10:59 16 Apr 24
I like because they give bean sprouts (豆芽)! Spice level for dry is also decent. Prefer the dry over soup here.
Naomie MartinNaomie Martin
10:29 06 Apr 24
My first fishball so it's difficult to rate the taste even if I really liked it. The lady manning the stand was very nice and helped me with my order (I'm learning Chinese but I'm having trouble). She personalized my order according to my requests.
Cat WeeCat Wee
05:00 27 Mar 24
Went there for lunch earlier before the queue formed.Paid $5 for the signature fishball noodles and there was a generous amount of fishballs and fish cake slices. The noodles were al dente.I loved it!I ate it too quickly and didn’t take any pictures. Only managed to take a picture of the stall 😁
Daphne SeowDaphne Seow
14:50 03 Feb 24
Generous portions of ingredients accompanying the noodles. Ordered the signature bowl at $6. Came with bouncy but softer fishballs with meatballs and minced meat in the soup. Dry mee pok was spicy and flavourful. Just a tad more costly compared to its competitor in the central row.
YC GohYC Goh
06:20 20 Dec 23
Fishball really very nice. All ingredients are very fresh. The chef really take pride in preparing every order despite the long Q. Best I have tried. Two thumbs up
Evelyn ChyeEvelyn Chye
10:18 21 Sep 23
Very delicious BCM! Love the seasoning sauce on the noodles and soup favourful. The meats are all so tender. My new fav!
Tan JunyuTan Junyu
01:44 01 May 23
Went for the signature noodles $5 mee kia dry. Mee kia is al dente not overcooked with some fried pork lard on it and handmade fishball was bouncy. The soup is abit bland but they do provide some 冬菜 for you to put in the soup. Slightly bland soup is better than MSG soup. 👍
Peerapol TaechanurugPeerapol Taechanurug
14:43 15 Apr 23
Awesome bak Chor meeThe queue was super long when I got to this place and it was worth the wait.ordered dry mee poh.mee poh was springy and went well with chilli sauce. The broth was nice and flavorful. The fish ball was soft, nicely done.Price is quite nice compared to the nearby chicken rice stall.Definitely go back next time I visit Singapore.
Sean GohSean Goh
05:25 01 Jan 23
Chanced upon this newly open stall at maxwell food centre that sells fishball minced pork noodle. Actually i came last week with the intention to try but they were already sold out for the day. Came back here at a much earlier time and glad that they were in operation. Upon reachimg, was greeted by the long queue. There was at least 6 pax ahead of me. Price of the noodle starts from SGD$4.50 onward.The queue moved relatively fast, order item no. 2 on their menu which was SGD$6. My bowl of noosle came with a seperate bowl of soup with all the ingredient. Noodle was nicely cooked, texture of the noodle was springy. Sauce was not bad but a little tol thick. My bowl of noodle came with imgredient like minced pork, prawn,fishcake, fishball, meatball, sliced pork and liver.Quite value for money for the amount of imgredient given. Overall noodle was not bad. Would recommend.
Kelvin ChenKelvin Chen
00:45 14 Dec 21
Simple and delicious.1 of my favourites noodles around, it was cook at the correct timing with great biting texture.Authentic taste, great flavour and fresh ingredients.Bouncy fishball and her giao with wonderful texture and taste.Recommend and Worth visit!

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