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Welcome to Hai Lan Ban Mian in Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore. This place is famous for its tasty Ban Mian noodles. The soup is yummy, and they make the noodles by hand. They use fresh ingredients that make the food delicious. Whether you live nearby or visit, Hai Lan Ban Mian is an excellent spot for yummy noodles. Come to Maxwell Food Centre and try their authentic and satisfying noodles.

Hai Lan Ban Mian Menu Singapore

Hai Lan Ban Mian in Singapore has a yummy menu with different types of Chinese noodles. They mainly make these noodles. You can choose from traditional noodles with meat and veggies or try something new with excellent toppings. The food is delicious and shows the good flavors of Singapore.

Signature Ban Mian

DishesRegular (SGD)Large (SGD)


DishesRegular (SGD)Large (SGD)


DishesRegular (SGD)Large (SGD)


DishesRegular (SGD)Large (SGD)

Dry Ban Mian

DishesRegular (SGD)Large (SGD)


DishesPrice In SGD
Extra Meat1.5
Poached Egg1.2


DishesPrice In SGD
Chinese Tea1.2
Iced Barley2
Soft Drinks1.5

Hai Lan Ban Mian Singapore Location

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-76, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Hai Lan Ban Mian located in Maxwell Food Centre?

Hai Lan Ban Mian is situated in Maxwell Food Centre; specific stall details or location within the food center can be obtained on-site.

What are the signature dishes at Hai Lan Ban Mian?

The signature dish is Ban Mian, with handmade flat noodles in a savory soup. Toppings include minced meat, vegetables, and various condiments.

Are there options for customization?

Yes, Hai Lan Ban Mian allows customization, including noodle type, toppings, and spiciness level based on individual preferences.

Is the food suitable for vegetarians?

While the focus is on meat-based toppings, vegetarian options with vegetable-based toppings are available for those who prefer a meat-free option.

Does Hai Lan Ban Mian offer takeaway or delivery services?

Yes, Hai Lan Ban Mian typically offers takeaway services. Check with the stall directly for the latest information on takeaway options and possible delivery services.

Hai Lan Ban Mian Reviews

Anislav AtanasovAnislav Atanasov
13:42 02 May 24
The Fried dumpings were delicious. The place looks clean and the staff is friendly.
Alexander SchellAlexander Schell
07:18 18 Mar 24
Very tasty dumplings!
Paddy O'ConnellPaddy O'Connell
13:07 03 Mar 24
Our first night in Singapore.Arrived here at lunchtime on a Sunday and huge queues everywhere with little seating available.Came back around 7pm and whilst some places closed, the two of us were able to fill ourselves with Tom Yum fish soup and battered chicken with rice.Tom Yum was hot.We also had a shared side of very good fried dumplings.A great $17 Singapore dollars for the lot.
Pauline KoPauline Ko
09:01 29 Feb 24
Very good fried dumplings and at a reasonable price, $6 for 10 fairly large dumplings.
11:15 27 Feb 24
Being a much later entrant in this hawker centre, this stall does hold its own across the isle of a more famous fish soup stall.The soup was flavorful and of good depth. With a touch of milk to give it a hint of creaminess.Sliced fresh batang instead of dory. It was of reasonably thick slices. The deep fried version had a good batter and fresh. Good value.The queue forms but moves quickly. Note that there is a line for ordering and another for pick-up.
Darren ChanDarren Chan
09:48 29 Oct 23
Tried this place for dinner a while back!I had the Bitter Gourd and Sliced Fish Soup ($5.80) with an additional serving of rice ($0.50).This place is extremely value-for-money - I counted 12 pieces of batang fish in the soup, which is more than what most places give you (~ 5-6 slices).The soup had great depth of flavour and was tasty and addictive (maybe some MSG was added, although I didn't feel that thirsty after drinking the soup).The stallowner was really friendly and my food was ready in a short amount of time. The best thing of all? There was barely a queue in the evening.Overall, a really underrated fish soup that is worth a try! Will definitely be back.
Kelvin TanKelvin Tan
12:12 23 Nov 22
Unfortunately fish quality wasn't great and soup didn't taste authentic. Dumplings had skin that was too thick
M .LM .L
10:06 11 Oct 22
Ordered the Fried Fish Soup (S$4.30) and the 8 piece Dumping (S$4.50).Fried fish was fresh, thick and delicious. Broth was also very delicious and savoury.Dumping were meaty and tasted great.Boss is also very attentive, noticed my dumplings were missing and gave me the missing pieces.Overall, cheap delicious food with an attentive boss, would definitely eat again
Bear ChuaBear Chua
04:45 31 May 21
Soup here is really really tasty.Love the Lao ban niang cooking style.Each bowl by each bowl dedicated to give you a good bowl of freshness.Price wise is reasonable and cheap.I recommend the mi Hoon kueh.Fresh and hand peel not the machine kind one size fit all.What are you waiting for!!?Come down now to try for yourself la!
10:23 30 Apr 21
Ordered 双鱼幼面, priced at $4.50. The noodles and soup was pretty good! Would definitely recommend if you are craving for some good fish soup. Portion is decent and the owner is very friendly. Overall good experience.

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