China Street Hum Jin Pang Maxwell Food Centre

Welcome to China Street Hum Jin Pang. China Street Hum Jin Pang is a small food place in Singapore. They are famous at Maxwell Food Centre for their special fried dough fritters called “Hum Jin Pang.” These Fritters are crispy outside and soft, filled with sweet red bean paste. Whether you live nearby or visit, you can enjoy this traditional snack at China Street Hum Jin Pang. It’s a tasty and authentic part of Singapore’s food culture.

Fried Dough Fritters

Hum Jin Pang (Fried dough fritter with red bean paste and powdered sugar)

Price: S$1 for six

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-28 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday: 4:30 AM–8 PM

What does China Street Hum Jin Pang offer?

China Street Hum Jin Pang offers delicious “Ham Chim Peng” in both salty and sweet varieties.

What are the characteristics of their “Ham Chim Peng”?

The “Ham Chim Peng” at China Street Hum Jin Pang is small in size, with a firm and chewy texture, and a lightly crispy skin. The salty version has a slightly savory taste, and the sweet version contains red bean paste, topped with sesame seeds and glazed with sugar.

What are the operating hours of China Street Hum Jin Pang?

China Street Hum Jin Pang’s operating hours are as follows:

Tuesdays to Fridays: 3pm to 8pm

Saturdays: 4pm to 8pm

Sundays: 3:30pm to 8pm

Where is China Street Hum Jin Pang located?

China Street Hum Jin Pang is located at:1 Kadayanallur St, #01-64, Singapore 069184

China Street Hum Jin Pang Reveiws

12:02 01 Jan 24
This stall is widely known to be the cheapest Hum Jin Pan (Chinese fried fritters) in Singapore, selling at $1 for 5 pieces. There are salted & spiced version as well as sweet red bean paste version. The lady has been selling here for 40 years and she has not increased the price for a long time.
Dawn LimDawn Lim
13:21 08 Dec 23
Yummy fried dough pieces called Hum Chin Peng. You can choose the salty version or the sweet one which comes with some red bean paste in it.While the Hum Chin Peng are not pretty, they taste great as the texture is chewy. I generally prefer the sweet version but find the salty ones good too.Unbelievable prices at $1 for 5 pieces.
12:24 03 Sep 23
This is one iconic stall here in Maxwell Food Centre. While the fried dough may look ugly, but it taste completely the opposite. It is chewy and savoury, and there is a variety of combination to choose from - plain, with red bean filling, coated with sesame seeds, or dust with icing sugar. The best part is that you just pick whichever you fancy at 5 pieces for $1. I recall having it many years ago but somehow I have not been able to catch their timing for quite a while. And I must say it is such a delight to be able to have it again.
Wen Xi MWen Xi M
15:34 20 Jul 23
Absolutely no clue how they managed to keep it so affordable and yummy!!!! The couple lovingly makes everything from scratch, maybe that’s the secret! So much hard and heart work that goes into each piece. Recommended to my friends and everyone is addicted now too!
Mike KanMike Kan
09:40 11 Jun 23
Beignet style hum jin pang, with tau-sar filling, sesame and coated with frosting sugar.Really good? And $1 for 5?!?! Can’t be beat.
05:23 08 Jan 23
The old uncle is no longer working anymore but the legacy continues.They used to sell 6 pieces for $1. But how many things are still affordable with $1 today?They sell freshly made and fried hum jin pang. You have a choice of sweet and salty. We always order a huge bag of salty and sweet. Some are empty and some contains red bean paste.Life is like a bag of hum jin pangs, you don’t know what you’ll get. But it’s all good.
Jason LimJason Lim
11:42 02 Oct 21
My good buddy recommended this place but always we came at the wrong time. Closed liao. I think it's 6 for $1. Tbh its not about how cheap it is but the freshly fried hum jin pang is something that relives your childhood memories and it's tasty like mad.If you follow me, there's another sichuan cuisine right at the corner which has awesome grilled fish very nice too!

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