Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice at maxwell singapore

Welcome to Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore. It’s a special place where the chef, Uncle Louis, makes delicious Hainanese chicken rice. The food smells fantastic and tastes so good that people try it. Uncle Louis puts a lot of care into ensuring the chicken and rice are just right so every bite is tasty. Visit us at Maxwell Food Centre, and let Uncle Louis treat you to a yummy meal you won’t forget.

Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice Menu

You won’t get confused by an extended menu at Uncle Louis’s chicken rice stall. They focus on what they do best: Hainanese Chicken Rice (steamed) or Roast Chicken Rice, served with yummy rice cooked in chicken broth, spicy chilli sauce, and ginger dip. They also have a soup of the day (changes daily) and drinks like soda and iced tea. Prices are reasonable, like most hawker stalls! Sometimes, they offer extras like yummy chicken feet, wonton soup, or stir-fried rice noodles with chicken.

Hainanese Chicken (Price In SGD)

Hainanese Poached Chicken Rice$4.50$6.50$8.50
Hainanese Roasted Chicken Rice$5.00$7.00$9.00
Mixed Chicken Rice$5.50$7.50$9.50
Chicken Drumstick Rice$5.50$7.50$9.50
Chicken Rice Ball Set (5 balls)$6.00
Chicken Congee$5.00
Vegetarian Hainanese Rice$4.00$5.50$7.00

Side Dishes

DishesPrice In SGD
Homemade Ginger Paste$0.50
Chili Sauce$0.50
Dark Soy Sauce$0.50


DishesPrice In SGD
Iced Lime Juice$2.00
Chinese Tea$1.50

Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice Location

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-36, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there options for vegetarians?

Yes, we offer a delicious Vegetarian Hainanese Rice with a variety of vegetables.

Can I choose between poached and roasted chicken?

Absolutely! You can choose between Hainanese Poached Chicken Rice or Hainanese Roasted Chicken Rice based on your preference.

What are the side dishes available?

We offer three flavorful side dishes: Homemade Ginger Paste, Chili Sauce, and Dark Soy Sauce.

Do you have any combo meals?

Yes, we have various Combo Meals that provide a convenient and satisfying dining experience.

Are there any special promotions or discounts?

Follow our social media channels for updates on promotions and special offers.

Can I order online for delivery or takeout?

Check with our staff at the stall for information on online ordering, delivery options, or takeout services.

Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice Singapore Reviews

Angelos KtsAngelos Kts
12:30 15 Feb 24
A very impolite lady served us. But food was delicious.
Mike ChongMike Chong
06:36 09 Feb 24
They raise the price without notice for Lunar New Year, not on board or before you purchase. It charge you 2 more Sin dollars for each set of food. They don't even tell you they are out of the soup which is included in the meal set. The owner give me the wrong change and also short of the rice.The food is fair, below the expectation.So far, it is a bad experience of having meal here
16:51 06 Feb 24
I am not sure how this Uncle Louis got its 4.9 ratings at Maxwell market but I am pretty sure they wont last long there. Im not the type to spoil the business but with so many stalls there albeit longstanding and super famous ones.... I hope they can take their chicken rice seriously.The chilli and garlic was good. Chicken so so and char siew also so so, can get the same or maybe better then your downstairs coffeeshop stall.As for the rice, nothing to rave about. But everything is very salty. Soup is super salty。i m writing this 2 hrs later, super duper msg laden causing me parched throat. I am very sensitive to msg . Another 6 hrs later, my throat still parched from the msg.Please try other stalls. 1st and last time. Last but not least, pricing wise, i think i better spend it on other chicken stalls.
Corn TCorn T
09:20 04 Feb 24
If you're looking for chicken rice at Maxwell, please try Uncle Louis Famous Chicken Rice!The rice is fluffy, fragrant and very flavourful. The white chicken (esp. the thigh meat) is juicy and tender. The chilli packs a perfect punch and complements the umani flavours of the dish.Uncle Louis has other stalls across the island - a testament to the popularity of his chicken rice among the locals.Thank you Uncle Louis was the wonderful meal 😋🤤👍
Sheue Lin NgSheue Lin Ng
04:48 03 Feb 24
You do not need to queue for this chicken rice. The chicken from this stall is really nice, soft and tender, soya sauce brings out the sweetness of the chicken and generous amount of cucumbers. Chicken rice was well cooked , chilli sauce is super spicy and the soup that comes with it is flavorful.Will be back!
Judelio YapJudelio Yap
09:38 20 Jan 24
Never a visit to Singapore without eating Uncle Louis White Chicken... it's always tender, and really tasty. One of the best, if not the best in Chicken , in all of SG Hawker centers.
Simon YSimon Y
18:01 14 Jan 24
We are so blessed with many good chicken rice stalls here that you could get one even without wasting time queueing. The chicken here was so tender with the sauce adding a good dimension to it eventhough the meat itself was a tad bland. Roast Meat was just ok but I like that it was thick cut. The veggie was crunchy and blended well with the sauce and fried garlic, one of the best veg you can get from chicken rice stalls.
Cindy C & Jason DCindy C & Jason D
04:15 14 Dec 23
Battle of the chicken rice sets, and Uncle Louis won!My husband and I went to Maxwell Centre for lunch to try 2 renowned chicken rice dishes.I ordered Uncle Louis’ small chicken rice set for $7, and it was absolutely delicious. My husband got a medium set across from Uncle Louis’ store, for $10 (you can see from my picture the comparison in serving sizes).Uncle Louis’ chicken was silkier, and I much preferred the soy sauce he used, which complemented the chicken well without overpowering it. The soup that came in the set was an unexpected highlight - clean, light, flavoursome broth that tasted wholesome and not overly salty.Taste, value for money and service 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 Can’t believe he doesn’t have a line, because his food deserves it!! Also, he’s such a friendly guy!
Tiffany HTiffany H
06:28 09 Nov 23
This was my favourite Hainanese chicken rice i had in Singapore! The chicken was juicy and flavourful. The rice was simple yet flavoured by the natural aromas of the chicken. The soup was clear and refreshing without being oily. But the best part was the owner! He was kind and showed me the best way to enjoy the meal: Eat the Chili sauce with the rice and ginger seasoning with the chicken. I still think about this chicken to this day 🤤
Claire WuClaire Wu
10:04 01 Nov 23
I was super excited about food courts and hawker centres for my Singapore trip. I promised uncle Louis that I would write a review (hi from Sydney!). I ordered rice with 3 meats and it was delicious. The owner offered to split half with me because he thought I couldn't finish but my boyfriend (who lives in London away from the glory of East and south-east Asian food) was just around the corner and we finished it all. Delicious.

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