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Welcome to Mr Appam at Maxwell Food Centre. They make soft, fluffy appams like mini pancakes from South India. They’re crispy on the outside, like sunshine pancakes, and come in yummy flavours like coconut and chocolate. They also have sweet, sticky rice cakes. So skip the boring stuff and join us for a fun, tasty adventure.

Mr.Appam Menu Singapore

At Mr Appam, the menu has lots of tasty South Indian food. Their special dish is called appam, a light and fluffy rice pancake. They also serve different curries that are full of yummy spices. You can try dosa and idli, other popular South Indian foods. If you like, there are chutneys and side dishes too. They have options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Savory Appams

DishesPrice (SGD)
Egg & Cheese$2.50
Veggie Delight$2.00
Durian Blast$3.00

Sweet Appams

DishesPrice (SGD)
Banana Chocolate$2.00
Pandan Coconut$2.50
Butterfly Pea Gula Melaka$3.00

Sweet Treats and Drinks

DishesPrice (SGD)
Putu Mayam$1.00
Kopi (Coffee)$1.20
Teh (Tea)$1.00
Milo (Hot chocolate malt)$1.50

Mr. Appam Singapore Location

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-99 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the signature dish at Mr. Appam?

The signature dish at Mr. Appam is, of course, the appam. These are light and fluffy rice pancakes with a crispy edge, typically served with various accompaniments such as coconut milk, chutney, and a variety of curries.

Where is Mr. Appam located within Maxwell Food Centre?

Mr. Appam is situated at Maxwell Food Centre, one of the renowned hawker centers in Singapore. The exact location within the food center may vary, so visitors are advised to check the stall directory or ask the center’s staff for assistance

Is Mr. Appam only known for appam, or do they offer other dishes?

While appam is the highlight of the menu, Mr. Appam may offer a variety of other South Indian dishes such as dosa, idli, and different curries. The menu may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to check with the stall for the latest offerings.

Is Mr. Appam suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Mr. Appam is likely to have vegetarian options on their menu, as South Indian cuisine often includes a variety of vegetarian dishes.

Can I get takeout or is Mr. Appam dine-in only?

Most hawker stalls, including Mr. Appam, typically offer both dine-in and takeout options. Visitors can choose to enjoy their food at the hawker center or opt for takeout.

Mr. Appam Singapore Reviews

Mr. Appam
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Ben HammondBen Hammond
05:44 11 May 24
Bernie ChinBernie Chin
12:36 07 May 24
Owned by a Vietnamese lady. Had the blue pea gula melaka appam. It was delicious.
Michalina MitkaMichalina Mitka
14:50 01 May 24
07:16 28 Apr 24
Just had their classic 2pc appam with coconut milk & red sugar. I must say, this is one of the best appams I’ve tasted. My grandma used to make this very often when I was growing up, & it rare to come across one that has the same taste or I might even say, better from here. Must try.
clint leeclint lee
16:51 16 Apr 24
2 Good Forks2 Good Forks
21:49 04 Jan 24
📍Mr. Appam, Maxwell Food Centre 🇸🇬Went to Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore Chinatown and found this absolute gem selling delicious appam 😍We got the egg+cheese+chicken floss for only $3.8, it was perfectly cooked and super loaded - truly amazing and 100% worth a try when in Singapore 🤤The owner is a Vietnamese cook that ended up accidentally bidding for an Indian food stall and learned how to make appam from scratch in a couple of months - she absolutely nailed it and her stall is really busy now 🤗
Rennie LeeRennie Lee
06:12 30 Dec 23
Highly raved but honestly disappointing. There’s only 5 stoves so you might end up with a long wait (like me). Generous with ingredients but not impressive overall. The Gula Melaka coconut flakes tasted okay but was kinda dry. The appam is nice and crisp on the sides but the Centre is way too thick, and not fragrant. Would not repurchase for the price and wait
Justin WongJustin Wong
08:41 29 Jun 23
Rejoice over such old school delights! A gem find over at Maxwell Food Center that offers a good selections of Appam for your guilty pleasures!Served with red jaggery sugar and abundance of grated coconut, Mr. Appam’s Appam embraces the traditional flair of Appam and also elevating these succulent apam with a modern approach.A variety of flavours to choose from, like the classic appam to the princess appam which comprises of egg, cheese and brown sugar that provides a sweet savory explosion of flavors on such simple delight.Unfortunately, the peanut and sugar appam didn’t quite hit the spot when compared to their distinct cousin, the traditional peanut pancakes. It is just the classic apam topped with white sugar and grated peanuts.Overall experience is still great, with many other Appam flavours to explore, such as, chocolate Appam, butterfly peas; gula melaka coconut apam and the chempedak (jackfruit) Appam.Definitely a recommend if you are interested in some old school delights. If you are not into Appam, there is always the trusty Putu Mayam available.
04:56 20 Apr 23
Don't often see appam around these days. The stall had a unique history and the appam is actually pretty good! You can taste the slightly sour tinge in the batter. Don't look down on the serving size. Eating 2 pieces with a drink is surprisingly filling! The stall owner is also really friendly.
This is the Best Appam I had in Singapore by far! The size is larger than the usual ones - about dinner plate size! And it very deliciously done! The crust is crispy till the very last bite even though it took us awhile to finish it. The toppings are generous and the service is top-notch! You have to be prepared to wait because the Vietnamese lady work alone. It took me 10 mins to get my order which I considered reasonable. I’m definitely coming back again!She rests on Tuesdays. Open fr 8 am-8pm.

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