Old Nyonya Maxwell Food Centre

Welcome to Old Nyonya Singapore. We invite you to enter our world and experience the vibrant culture of the Peranakans. Our legacy shophouses and delicious food offer a unique journey into the Peranakan way of life. Whether you love history or food or love to learn new things, we promise you’ll have an unforgettable experience celebrating the timeless allure of the Peranakan legacy.

Old Nyonya Menu Singapore

Old Nyonya at Maxwell Food Centre offers a delightful selection of Malay-influenced Peranakan dishes, including the iconic Laksa, known for its hearty base and optional spicy kick. The menu also features Curry Chicken and Rendang Chicken, ensuring a diverse and flavorful experience for visitors.


DishesPrice in SGD
Rendang Chicken6.00
Curry Chicken5.00
Nyonya Laksa5.00
Royal Laksa10.00
Seafood Bee Hoon Soup5.00


DishesPrice in SGD
BuBur Cha Cha3.00


DishesPrice in SGD
Fried Fish Rolls3.00

Old Nyonya Singapore Location

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-04 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday: 11 AM–8:30 PM

FAQs Old Nyonya Singapore

What are the operating hours of Old Nyonya?

Old Nyonya is open every day except Wednesday from 11 AM to 8:30 PM.

Is Old Nyonya a halal-certified eatery?

No, Old Nyonya is not a halal-certified eatery.

What are some recommended dishes at Old Nyonya?

Recommended dishes include Laksa, Chicken Rendang, Curry Chicken, Lontong, Mee Siam, Bubur Cha Cha, and Chili Cuttlefish.

Where is Old Nyonya located at Maxwell Food Centre?

Old Nyonya is located at Stall #01-04, 1 Kadayanallur Street, Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184.

Old Nyonya Reveiw

Old Nyonya
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Bramanto WijayaBramanto Wijaya
05:42 12 May 24
this place is located inside the maxwell food court area. you need to find your own seat, shared with others. you don't need to wait for too long to be served. it's fast and easy here.the laksa comes with fish cake, shrimp, tofu, and bean sprouts. the soup is creamy and full of flavor. it goes so well with the noodle. the noodle is not overcooked, so the texture is nice. don't forget to ask for the chilli paste or sambal. it's not too spicy but it definitely adds the rich flavor.
11:15 26 Apr 24
Broth is creamy rich but doesn't have a spicy punch. Overall has good value of meat / seafood
Andrew G. TAndrew G. T
23:27 12 Mar 24
Disappointed in Disguise: A Review of Old Nyonya's Nasi Lemak and LaksaBased on the hype surrounding Old Nyonya, I ventured in with high expectations, fueled by glowing food vlogs and online reviews. Sadly, the reality fell well short of the online praise.Nasi Lemak That Forgot the Memo:The Nasi Lemak, a cornerstone of Nyonya cuisine, was a particular letdown. The fluffy coconut rice with hues of blue tones a hallmark of the dish, lacked the fragrant perfume of pandan leaves and the subtle sweetness one expects. The accompaniments were equally uninspiring. The fried chicken, usually the star of the show, was forgettable - overcooked and devoid of the promised crispy skin and juicy meat. The sambal, a spicy chili paste, was decent but lacked the depth of flavor that truly elevates Nasi Lemak and even saving this dish.Laksa Lacking Luster:The Laksa fared even worse. The thin coconut curry broth, while creamy, seemed to be missing the complex interplay of spices and aromatics that should be the heart of this dish. The noodles, though springy, felt like an afterthought. The usual accompaniments like shrimp, fishcake, and hard-boiled egg were present, but again, lacked the punch of flavor that makes Laksa truly memorable.The Vlog Verdict vs. Reality:Perhaps it was an off day, but my experience fell far short of the online buzz. The vibrant visuals and effusive praise in vlogs simply didn't translate to my taste buds. Don’t expect portions to be big, the price was reasonable.Travel:As many others have stated, it’s adjacent to the Maxwell train station. Has very good connectivity of buses. About 13 mins walking from City Centre Point.A Call for Measured Expectations:Food vlogs can be a great way to discover hidden gems, but it's important to remember that taste is subjective. Hype can cloud judgment, and sometimes, average food gets portrayed as mind-blowing. Do your research, but don't go in with expectations set by online personalities.The Final Word:Old Nyonya wasn't a complete disaster, but it certainly wasn't the life-changing culinary experience I was hoping for. There are likely better places out there serving truly delicious Nyonya cuisine. So next time the vloggers rave about a street food stall, take it with a grain of salt, and be prepared to form your own delicious conclusions.
Lynn LeeLynn Lee
11:06 05 Mar 24
First time patronising. The regular $5/- Laksa at this stall was disappointing. Not lemak. Also, devoiding of the regular fragance. So, it is over hypedCertainly Not returning for the Laksa but might try their chicken Rendang.
Cedric CortezCedric Cortez
10:08 03 Mar 24
Mike CMike C
05:37 13 Jan 24
Laksa taste watered down. Noodles are undercook. No cockles added. Perhaps taste adapted for foreigner, not at all a good representation of local version.
Ivan_ [Ka]Ivan_ [Ka]
05:44 09 Jan 24
Pretty tasteless - broth is too diluted - not much flavor- disappointing
10:27 08 Jan 24
Quite consistent with other reviewsRice noodles are thick like Taiwanese rice noodle soupThe seasoning tastes like what I had in Taiwan (Xingma Fast Food)5 SGD, I think it’s ok!
Crosby OngCrosby Ong
00:36 01 Jan 24
Would have given a lower rating if compared to our homecooked Peranakan Laksa. But compared to all the popular Katong versions, their gravy is nice but a little weak. But they throw in more ingredients. Good value.Also, they kindly offer me extra stuff since I didn’t eat cockles. Thank you!
Zhenxi OngZhenxi Ong
05:16 09 Dec 23
Not much flavour for the laksa. I prefer more dried shrimps, etc for foundation and more spice. The prawns are good. And they included a mixed fish/meat cake which laksa do not have. So you can try.
PLUS 6427PLUS 6427
08:40 08 Dec 23
Wonder I why finished even though rated only 2 stars ? Hungry ! 🤤Gravy or soup ? Near to Soup = diluted and the beehoon too hard !Anyway can try if hunger for LaksaAfter 40 min - msg kicks in 😱😰Hv Tasted better .. 🤓🇲🇾
LP PuaLP Pua
10:26 15 Nov 23
It is not the best Laksa, but it's good enough for me to satisfy my craving.
Bob LuBob Lu
04:17 28 Aug 23
The stall front kam cheng beside the Old Nonya was pretty authentic that had piqued our curiosity with our love for authentic Peranakan food. The serving portion were okay but it would have been passable to most people in term of taste and quality plus Maxwell Market is known to most tourists like Newton Circle. I found the laksa gravy a little too diluted and the taupok did not soak up the gravy and was a little hard. I would have liked more chilli to thicken the gravy but was told by the young lady that she had already given me 2 teaspoonful of it. The curry chicken gravy was also too diluted and I would have preferred them using fresh chicken to frozen chicken by giving 1 or 2 pieces less chicken meat. My friend had asked for an extra empty bowl and was rejected out right.
Super FragranceSuper Fragrance
04:23 03 Jun 23
Ordered a $5 laksa. Reasonably priced.ProsGravity was sweet mild spicy too bad we can't add chili. A good summary of a good laksa in Singapore.Tao pok. Soaked in all the tasty gravy and goes down well.AverageThe rest including noodle and fish cake.ConsPrawn a bit staleNo cockle.

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