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Welcome to Nan Jing Jie Rou Gu Cha at Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore. This place is super famous for its tasty food. They make delicious beef brisket noodles in the style of Nanjing, a city in China. The food here is full of yummy flavors, and the noodles are soft. When you visit, you’ll smell the delicious soup cooking, and the food center is always busy and lively. Nan Jing Jie Rou Gu Cha is a unique spot to enjoy fantastic food with Singaporean charm. Come on in and have a great dining experience.

Nan Jing Jie Rou Gu Cha Menu

Nan Jing Jie Rou Gu Cha offers delicious Nanjing style beef brisket noodles and more. With various tasty options, it’s an excellent place for noodle lovers and those looking for flavorful dishes. Explore their menu for a delightful culinary experience.

DishesPrice In SGD
Bak Kut TehS$7 – S$12
Pig’s TrottersS$5 – S$8
Pork BellyS$5 – S$8
Pork KidneyS$5 – S$8
Pickled Salted Mustard GreensS$2 – S$3
RiceS$1 – S$2

Nan Jing Jie Rou Gu Cha Singapore Location

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-89 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday: 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Maxwell Food Centre located?

Maxwell Food Centre is situated in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown, at 1 Kadayanallur Street, Singapore 069184.

What are the operating hours of “Nan Jing Jie Rou Gu Cha”?

The operating hours may vary, but typically it opens from early morning to late evening. It’s advisable to check directly with the stall or refer to the food centre’s official hours for the most accurate information.

Can I customize my order at “Nan Jing Jie Rou Gu Cha”?

While the menu may have specific offerings, you can inquire with the stall if any customization options are available. However, it’s advisable to respect the traditional preparation methods for the best dining experience

Is there seating available at Maxwell Food Centre?

Maxwell Food Centre is known for its communal dining area with ample seating. However, during peak hours, it might get crowded, so finding a seat may require some patience.

Nan Jing Jie Rou Gu Cha Reviews

09:25 31 Mar 24
Had a quick lunch served by the two elderly. The kidney soup was freshly cooked. Cost $6.50. Soup was alright
11:11 27 Mar 24
Soup was the herbal kind. Sweet and herby like ten wonder soup. Meat was soft, chewy, easy to debone.Salted veg was average, sourish and sharp.
michael linmichael lin
03:53 29 Feb 24
Ordered a Bah Kut Teh with bowl of rice for $6.50. The star of the show is rightly the pork. Tender, fall off the bone and juicy but not loosing its texture. ba Ku teh is the medicinal kind, but well balanced neither overly garlicky or too strong in medicinal flavours, but nothing particularly stands out either. Chopped chillies not particularly spicy. Good for a protein rich but light meal. Great for Keto without the rice.
03:51 24 Jan 24
Maybe it's just the batch of soup or the timing. The soup was mild and Luke warm, herbal taste is present but not rich or not rich enough. Meat was tender and great. I believe this bowl, or my batch, is great for people who wouldn't like very strong and savoury BKT
Anthony TehAnthony Teh
06:41 13 Jan 24
The soup is unparalleled; it’s not the peppery type (which I usually prefer) and it has the most perfect blend of delicious umami and depth I’ve ever tasted; definitely worth it to try! The pork ribs were super tender and even the bones were well softened to chew on easily (I’m a bone chewer!) do not miss this if in Maxwell market.
Jess MiscellaneousJess Miscellaneous
06:53 21 Aug 23
Best herbal bak kut teh. It’s savory sweet with a hint of bitterness (from the chinese medicine herbs used to brew the soup). The pork ribs are so tender fall off the bones too. But need to check if it’s boiling a long time (otherwise if you order too early it might still be chewy/not done).I always get it with you tiao to dip in the soup. But seems like others are recommending the pickled vegetables too. The bak kut teh can be spiced nicely with the sliced birds eye chilies in sweet & salty soy sauce. Then eating it all together with the fluffy white rice (they serve good rice unlike some hawker stores I’ve been to where it was either mushy or musty).Price is pretty competitive considering the labor that Grandma & Grandpa owners put into the food. All at $6 (bak kut teh ribs soup only is $5, rice is $0.5, you tiao is $0.5).
Chunwen HuangChunwen Huang
11:56 21 Feb 23
One of the best herbal BKTs I’ve had in SG. Soup was good and meat is tender. Surprised there was no queue but also a tad glad especially since most of the better stalls have snaking long queues 😂 10/10 will be back!
Ivan TehIvan Teh
03:52 11 Feb 22
Bak Kut Teh (SGD $6.50) @ Nanjing Street Bak Kut Teh..With an authentic Chinese Hokkien reciepe handed down from the 1970s, and possibly the most wallet-friendly pricing for a bowl of herbal bak kut teh, this under-the-radar stall is worth visiting..The warm soup has a rich herbal sweet savoury flavour with just a tad of bitterness, nicely enticing. It cools off quickly though, due to the wide-brim serving bowl..The stubby pork ribs are meaty and chunky, with a tender soft texture and sweet savoury herbal flavour. You can also add other pig parts too..The pickled salted mustard greens was a pleasant surprise, and among the best I've had. While the vegetal salty sweet spice flavour and soft crisp texture was spot on, what stood out was the thin layer of oil on the surface..This trapped the heat throughout, making each mouthful seem as if it was straight out from a warm claypot. So good when paired with the fluffy white rice.

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