Alimama Maxwell Food Centre

Welcome to Alimama at Maxwell Food Centre. We offer a variety of delicious food, including grilled options and prawn noodles. Our food is made carefully, and we have something for everyone, from traditional Indonesian flavours to innovative dishes.

Alimama Green Chilli Chicken Rice & Prawn Noodle

At Alimama Singapore, you can enjoy a variety of dishes, including Prawn Noodles and Grilled Options. Prawn noodles come in different variations, such as big prawn with lala noodles, giant prawn with scalloped noodles, and crayfish with Lala noodles. The Grilled Options feature dishes like Grilled Fish Rice and Grilled Prawn King Rice.

Prawn Noodles

DishPrice (SGD)
Big Prawn with Lala Noodle$5/8
Big Prawn with Scallop Noodle$8
Crayfish with Lala Noodle$10
Pork Ribs Noodle$5
Pork Ribs Noodle with Prawn$7
Pork Ribs Noodle with Abalone$7
Pork Ribs Noodle with Intestines$7
Pork Ribs Noodle with all three options$10

Grilled Options

DishPrice (SGD)
Grilled Fish Rice (Nasi Ikan Bakar)$8
Grilled Prawn King Rice$8
Otak Otak

Other Dishes

DishPrice (SGD)
Green Chilli Chicken Rice$6
Grilled Chicken Rice (Nasi Ayam Pangang)$6

Alimama Singapore Location

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-09 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday: 11 AM–8:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the operating hours of Alimama at Maxwell Food Centre?

Alimama operates from 11am to 8.30pm daily.

Are there any vegetarian options available at Alimama?

Yes, Alimama offers vegetarian options such as vegetarian noodles and rice dishes.

Does Alimama offer any non-seafood dishes?

Apart from seafood options, Alimama also provides non-seafood dishes like grilled chicken rice and other meat-based choices.

Can I customize the level of spiciness in the dishes?

Yes, customers can request the level of spiciness according to their preference.

Is Alimama available for catering services or private events?

Yes, Alimama offers catering services for private events. For inquiries and arrangements, please contact the restaurant directly.

Does Alimama provide delivery services?

Currently, Alimama does not offer delivery services. Customers can visit the stall at Maxwell Food Centre to enjoy their delicious offerings.

Are there any seasonal specials or limited-time menu items?

Alimama occasionally introduces seasonal specials and limited-time menu items. Stay updated by following their social media channels or contacting the stall directly for any new offerings.


Alimama Reveiw

Tracy WeiTracy Wei
12:00 14 May 24
Came across social media about this place and decided to try it. It was sooooo good and an explosion of flavors. Especially if you like spicy food, it’s addicting. The chicken is perfectly fried and seasoned. They pour this watery veggie curry on the rice, so flavorful. We went back twice to get it because it was so good.Honestly it’s underrated! Located next to Tian Tian.
Ng ZacharyNg Zachary
03:48 05 May 24
I had the Laksa the soup was so incredibly creamy and umami hehe finished all the soup didn’t want to waste any and the seafood (gd sized prawn & lala - It tastes rlly fresh)Next time I’m craving laksa I’m going to this stall again to get my laksa fix 🙂
03:39 09 Apr 24
Had a great grilled chicken rice (Nasi Ayam Pangang) that made me think of my grandma’s food from Indonesia.It’s a nice flavor of sweet, sour and spicy.
Iven MokaluIven Mokalu
11:43 27 Mar 24
deborah kaufmandeborah kaufman
10:43 27 Mar 24
Delicious, flavorful, and very spicy!!!
Sathish KumarSathish Kumar
05:29 04 Jan 24
Lili TeoLili Teo
09:05 16 Dec 23
Zyin WZyin W
03:52 04 Nov 23
It’s more like Ayam Penyet. The kick is real for both green and red chillies although the presentation isn’t at it’s best. The seller can be a lil not too friendly but she just want to make sure that customer pay for their food first.
MH & ElMH & El
04:13 09 Oct 23
This SMASH-ingly hot Green Chilli Chicken Rice from @alimama_maxwell is one of my favourite go-to at Maxwell Food Center! 🚥 I really enjoyed everything on the plate, including the generous serving of sayur lodeh (vegetable Stew in coconut milk) that imbued its lemak richness and characteristic yellow hue on the mound of white rice. The chicken thigh was well-grilled with a crisp coat of better and smashed till tender! But the star of the plate here is the glorious heap of punchy, tangy green chilli sambal on top of the chicken. Lost count of the tissue paper I used to wipe my sweat, but you know it's the real deal when someone with a low spice tolerance (like BB) would gladly finish this lip-smacking green chilli blend. 🥵 For spice lovers, there's also a housemade sambal at the side to turn the heat up even further. 🔥⁣⁣If you prefer something soupy instead, the stall also serves up a pretty decent prawn noodle and laksa! ⁣.⁣📍 Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street, #01-09 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184, 11am-8pm
09:07 30 Sep 23
Very crispy and delicious but very spicy so not for the faint hearted
17:26 06 Sep 23
Another store which I have been wanting to try✨ Big Prawn Lala NoodleGot the large portion, super value for money! For $8, there is sizable amount of lala and 6 full bodied prawns sia (unlike some who use puny prawns and still need to half it 😆😆😆). Yellow noodle does not have the alkaline taste. Most importantly, there are chucks of pork lard 😍😍😍. On the flip side, it is abit oily. Pretty flavorful and comforting overall.Fascinated when I saw Green Chili Chicken Rice being prepared. Must muster all the courage to try and fight the spiceness liao next time 😆😆💪.
14:18 14 Jul 23
A must try for chilli lovers. The green chilli chicken rice is simply tasty and goes damn well the green chilli that came with it. It will be even better if the chicken can be more tender, it was a little tough, not sure was it due to cooked too long, as I only have it at late dinner hours.Looking forward to try other dishes in the near future.
Narelle LemonNarelle Lemon
09:18 21 Jan 23
Wow wow wow wow. Bam. Flavour is fabulous. Spice central with a balance that gives you tingles on your lips and a want for the next bite. Amazing freshness, tender chicken and beautiful service. The green chilli chicken is a 10/10 repeat visit for me.

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