Lakeview (Upper Thomson) Singapore

Welcome to Kim Goreng Pisang’s stall at Lakeview in Upper Thomson, at Maxwell food centre. Their stall is in a nice neighborhood, making tasty fried banana fritters. When you come in, you’ll smell the delicious aroma of our freshly fried treats. It doesn’t matter if you live nearby or you’re just visiting; we want you to try our crispy and yummy snacks that everyone loves in Lakeview. Kim Goreng Pisang is about making delicious fried bananas that tell a tasty story. We hope you enjoy every bite.

Kim Goreng Pisang Menu Singapore

Visit Kim Goreng Pisang in Lakeview, Upper Thomson, for delicious fried banana fritters. Try classics like the crispy Classic Fritters or exciting options like Chocolate Drizzle and Sweet & Cheesy. Don’t miss the special Pisang Raja. Create your mix with toppings starting at $3. Refresh with our drinks. Come to Lakeview for a tasty treat at Kim Goreng Pisang.

DishesPrice In SGD
Classic Fried Banana Fritters$2.50
Chocolate Drizzle Delight$3.00
Sweet and Cheesy Surprise$2.75
Crispy Cinnamon Bliss$2.50
Pisang Raja Special$3.50
Mix and Match ToppingsStarting at $3.00
Refreshing BeveragesPrices vary

Lakeview Singapore Location

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Lakeview (Upper Thomson) Kim Goreng Pisang halal?

Please check directly with the stall for their halal certification status.

What is Lakeview (Upper Thomson) Kim Goreng Pisang known for?

Lakeview specializes in freshly fried banana fritters, also known as “goreng pisang.”

Where can I find Lakeview (Upper Thomson) Kim Goreng Pisang?

Lakeview is located in Maxwell. Exact address available upon inquiry.

Can I order takeaway or delivery from Lakeview?

Takeaway options may be available, but delivery varies. Check with the stall for details.

Are parking facilities available nearby?

Parking options vary; it’s advisable to check the surrounding area.

Is Lakeview (Upper Thomson) Kim Goreng Pisang family-friendly?

Generally, yes, but seating arrangements may vary.

Lakeview (Upper Thomson) Kim Goreng Pisang Reviews

Daphne SeowDaphne Seow
06:01 31 Oct 23
Tried the fried carrot cake strips (10 for $2) and they were too hard. Seemed overfried. Not extremely oily. Still OK.Service was good. We forgot to take our orders, and the lady went around the hawker centre in search for us. Thank you!
Gary NgGary Ng
08:14 10 Oct 23
Shop looks promising but the food turned out to be complete disappointment. Carrot cake fingers were tough and tasteless. Sweet potato balls were ordinary.
01:17 30 Jun 23
bought the ham chin Peng - texture etc are actually excellent but apparently uses coconut oil for cooking - which is touted to be healthier - but the after taste sticks in your throat even 15 minutes after, and after drinking thick kopi to wash it down. Sorry, but the oil is a deal killer.I suspect the coconut oil is recycled and stale.
L SU-GmailL SU-Gmail
14:41 16 Feb 23
So happen to see this stall sells fried carrot cake strips i used to eat when i was a kid. Also sells wide varieties of other fried snacks.Minus 1 star cos was a tad oily. Maybe not leave enough time to drain off the oil.
YY LeowYY Leow
08:02 07 Nov 22
I came across this stall one day in Maxwell Food Centre and its variety attracted me. I proceeded to buy a variety of their fritters to share with my colleagues. I was dismayed that the fritters did not taste good. They take pride in the fact that they use coconut oil to fry their items. However, I think using the same batch of coconut oil to repeatedly fry their fritters may be the problem. Coconut oil may not be suited to be used this way. Perhaps after a while, the coconut oil, having undergone repeated heating, starts to separate. Whatever the case, what results is that a rather unpleasant/stale taste is imparted to the fritters. My colleagues feel the same.

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