Welcome to Ri Xin Snack Delights in Singapore. We’re a cosy spot in the middle of the city where you can try lots of yummy snacks. Our menu has a mix of traditional favourites and new, exciting treats. We want you to have a great time trying out all the tasty flavours of Singapore. Whether you like classic snacks or want to try something different, Ri Xin is the place to be. Join us for a delicious adventure in the world of snacks right here in Singapore! We’re excited to have you with us.

Ri Xin Snack Delights Singapore Menu

Their menu has lots of delicious snacks for everyone. You can try the Crunchy Chicken Pops, which are small and crispy, perfect for sharing. The Chilli Crab Fries are fried with a special sauce that’s a bit spicy and sweet. They also have Nasi Lemak Spring Rolls and Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls, new and fun versions of familiar dishes.

DishesPrice (SGD)
Ang Ku Kueh$1
Peanut Rice Cakes$1.50 – $2.50
Savory Bean Curd Puffs (Pork/Veg)$1.20
Fried Dumplings (Pork/Prawn/Veg)$3 – $4 (5 pieces)
Kuih Talam$1.50 – $2
Kuih Lapis$2
Teh Tarik$1.50
Kopi (Hot/Iced)$1.50 – $2
Chrysanthemum Tea (Hot/Cold)$1.50 – $2
Fruit Juices$2 – $3
Soft Drinks$1 – $2
Bottled Water$1

Ri Xin Snack Delights, Singapore Location

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-55 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday: 4:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Ri Xin Snack Delights unique?

At Ri Xin, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse menu that blends traditional and innovative snacks, creating a unique culinary experience that celebrates the rich flavors of Singapore.

Can I make reservations?

Currently, we operate on a walk-in basis. Our goal is to accommodate all guests promptly, ensuring everyone has a chance to savor our delightful snacks.

Are there vegetarian options available?

Yes, we offer a selection of vegetarian snacks on our menu. From crispy delights to flavorful bites, there’s something for everyone.

Do you cater to specific dietary restrictions?

We strive to accommodate various dietary preferences and restrictions. Please inform our staff about any specific requirements, and we’ll do our best to offer suitable options.

Are your snacks suitable for children?

Absolutely! We have kid-friendly options on our menu. From mild flavors to familiar favorites, children are sure to find something they love.

Can I order online for takeaway?

Yes, we offer online ordering for takeaway. Visit our website or preferred delivery platform to explore the menu and place your order.

Ri Xin Snack Delights
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Yun Yun WangYun Yun Wang
10:30 06 Feb 24
Uncle is super nice and friendly. Very good traditional Ang Ku Kueh freshly made on the day itself. Do support Uncle when you are nearby.
Jing YuanJing Yuan
05:23 03 Feb 24
Came to maxwell for a late dinner and saw this angkukueh stall that peaked my interest. Incredibly generous serving of mung bean paste for the angkukueh! The skin is made thin and it was soft and chewy like a mochi. It has been a long time since I had a good angkukueh.. (Look at the pic! You can see the paste through the skin) The commercially made ones nowadays, the skin are so thick. This really brings back the good old times.I ate one there, and immediately bought 3 more back for breakfast the next day. At such a tough time where everything is inflated, uncle is only selling at $1 for such generously filled angkukueh. I am so glad I manage to find it.I also bought the wan kueh, which has similar texture like chwee kueh but probably 3x the size of a chwee kueh and comes with a generous serving of savory sauce to go with it. Really delicious and it was only $2!Uncle is very kind and sweet, sharing about his kuehs with such enthusiasm.
11:47 13 Dec 23
Ang ku kueh was below average. The skin was OK but the peanuts were too dry, clumpy and bland. Cash only.
Claudia TanClaudia Tan
14:30 02 Sep 23
Chanced upon this stall while eating at Maxwell - and these humongous AKKs caught my eye. Bought 10 for $10 to share w my family, and DAMN were they HEFTY and CHONKY. These kuehs are handmade everyday, and it was still warm and toasty when I bought them at 7pm.I like that these AKKs are not as sweet compared to many other brands/stalls outside, and the fact that the skin is amazingly thin, with (very very) generous filling. My bag of 10 AKKs were freaking heavy - istg they were at least 1.5kg something…
Pet NPet N
15:44 20 Oct 22
It was 7pm and we spotted this elderly uncle sitting quietly at his stall with lots of ang ku kueh still there. The lights weren’t really on and for a moment, we didn’t know if he was open for business. A lady approached and talked to him then we knew that he was. To support we bought his Wah Kueh ($2) and some Ang Ku Kueh ($1). They are pretty nice and really fresh! Apparently he had just finish making them. Definitely worth trying! Uncle is super friendly too!

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