Teochew Rice and Porridge At maxwell Singapore

Welcome to Teochew Rice and Porridge in Singapore. Try our yummy Teochew dishes, from tasty rice to comforting porridge. We’re all about sharing the incredible flavours of Teochew food. Come join us for a delicious adventure at Maxwell Food Centre.

Relax in our cosy place and savour the deliciousness of Teochew cuisine. At Teochew Rice and Porridge, we’re here to make your dining experience memorable.

Teochew Rice and Porridge Menu Singapore

The Teochew Rice and Porridge menu offers tasty dishes from China. It includes different rice and porridge options with yummy flavours. You can also enjoy side dishes like pickled veggies and braised meats. It’s a delicious and traditional meal from the Teochew people.

Set Menu

SetDescriptionPrice In SGD
ABraised Pork Belly + Cabbage + Spinach$7.00
BMinced Pork + Cabbage + Preserved Vegetables$7.00
CSesame Oil Chicken + Cabbage + Kailan$7.00
Shark MeatShark Meat + Cabbage + Kailan$8.00

Braised Assortments

DishesPrice In SGD
Small Intestines$1.00

Additional Sides

DishesPrice In SGD
Steamed Fishcake$1.50
Preserved Vegetables$3
Hae Bee Hiam (spicy dried shrimp)$4
White Bait (salted white bait)$3


DishesPrice In SGD
Century Egg$3.00
Pork Kidney$3.00
Fish Maw$4.00

Other Menu

DishesPrice In SGD
Soft drinks$1.50

Teochew Rice and Porridge Singapore Location

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-98 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where can I find Teochew Rice and Porridge in Singapore?

One popular place to try Teochew Rice and Porridge in Singapore is the Teochew Rice and Porridge stall located at Maxwell Food Centre. It is run by an 85-year-old lady named Madam Seah, who cooks everything herself.

What are some typical side dishes served with Teochew Rice and Porridge?

Some common side dishes that are served with Teochew Rice and Porridge include braised tofu, salted vegetables, preserved radish omelette, braised pork belly, and steamed fish.

Can I customize my Teochew Rice and Porridge?

Yes, you can customize your Teochew Rice and Porridge by choosing the dishes and condiments you prefer. This allows you to create a combination that suits your taste.

Teochew Rice and Porridge Singapore Reviews

justin tanjustin tan
10:21 01 Aug 23
The guy selling porridge damn proud of him self . i went there 6pm (closed half shuttle) they left some dishes veg and chicken pork and some fish head granny is cooking for new food.Me is queuing ~10mins to order in front there are 2 lady customer almost completed their take away (3pakages of food) and behind me there is elderly.When my turn they guy said food not ready and he walk out from the store . but i can see still have veg and chicken pork and some fish . no more next time for this store . good luck for your business.
Just had lunch at Maxell food centre. I ordered a fish cake and cabbage from them. Requested for a small little bowl of braised gravy and they said no cos I don't have porridge or rice. In addition, they said my food cost only $3. This is the worst stall I had patronised. This will be my last time there. Besides their prices are quite expensive now since a young man, probably the old lady son took over except the cooking part
Jay ThamJay Tham
11:27 30 Dec 22
Kee Cher TayKee Cher Tay
12:40 13 Dec 22
Thomas LukThomas Luk
10:56 08 Nov 22
I really enjoyed the fish cakes with the porridge. The saltiness of the fish cakes really balanced the taste of the porridge. I would come back again to have this very clean dinner
Alvin HoAlvin Ho
22:12 10 Jan 22
#01-98Teochew Rice & Porridge潮州飯粥Teochew Rice & Porridge stall first started out at the old Esplanade Hawker Centre. Best known for their quality options of different food types, this stall always has a queue.Having an array of choices allows one to enjoy what one desires. Some of the options taste good and pairs really well with the Porridge.General Verdict: Quality Mixed Rice and Vegetable stall at affordable pricesOpening Hours: Daily 11:30am-3pm and 5pm-8:30pm (Closed on Sunday)Queue Situation: About 10 mins to 15 minsPrice: SG$22 for this mealPayment Mode: Cash OnlyItems Ordered:1)Item: Plain PorridgeDescription: Standard Porridge that is of the right consistencyVerdict: Acceptable, Order only if you want to tryPrice: SG$0.802)Item: Salted EggDescription: Yummy steamed duck egg with a good consistencyVerdict: Good, Can OrderPrice: SG$0.803)Item: Bitter Gourd with TofuDescription: An OK dish for those who like bitter gourdVerdict: Acceptable, Order only if you want to tryPrice: SG$24)Item: Steamed SquidDescription: Yummy tasting squid cooked to the right consistencyVerdict: Good, Can OrderPrice: SG$25)Item: Pan Fries Chicken WingsDescription: Fragrant Chicken Wings pan-fried with garlic to a nice level of donenessVerdict: Good, Can OrderPrice: SG$1.506)Item: Steamed Rabbit FishDescription: Fresh fish that is well steamed and with firm meatVerdict: Good, Can OrderPrice: SG$107)Item: Stir-fried Ikan BillisDescription: Yummy Ikan billis that pairs really well with the PorridgeVerdict: Good, Can OrderPrice: SG$38)Item: Stir Fried VegetablesDescription: Well cooked vegetables that tastes goodVerdict: Acceptable, Order only if you want to tryPrice: SG$2
09:45 23 Aug 21
This is another underrated teochew porridge place! I would recommend buying their black bean fish, braised cabbage and cai pu egg! It is definitely pricier then most cai fan store and it also has a really long queue, but it is definitely worth it!
Peter LinPeter Lin
17:43 30 Apr 21
Teochew Muay (Porridge) with boiled squid, braised intestines, braised cabbage, Fishcake. Found another old school Teochew muay hawker stall that reminded me of Teo Heng Porridge at Hong Lim. The dishes here are simple and tasty but perhaps not as photogenic compared to Teo Heng.
Vivian YeoVivian Yeo
12:45 22 May 19
You will not be disappointed if you are looking for highly comforting good quality home cook style food. Every dish is good so choose whatever you feel like having on that day. Opening time is slightly after 1pm and be prepared to queue for a short while - and it is worth the wait.

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