The Pig Organ Soup At maxwell Singapore

Welcome to Maxwell Food Centre. We’re talking about the famous Pig Organ Soup at Maxwell. Imagine a bowl of soup with yummy pork organs cooked just right. It’s in Chinatown, Singapore, and people love it a lot. The soup has special herbs and spices that make it smell and taste amazing. Whether from here or just visiting, trying Pig Organ Soup at Maxwell is like taking a delicious journey into Singapore’s food world.

The Pig Organ Soup Menu Singapore

Explore delicious options at Maxwell’s Pig Organ Soup menu. Try the classic Pig Organ Soup, or go for a combo with rice and crispy youtiao. The Pig Organ Soup Lite is suitable if you’re not too hungry. Add extra treats like youtiao, rice, or a boiled egg on the side. Wash it down with cool drinks like iced tea or herbal tea. Discover tasty choices in our simple and satisfying menu.

DishesPrice (SGD)
Pig Organ Soup6.50
Pig Organ Soup with Rice8.00
Pig Organ Soup Combo10.50
Double Pork Delight7.50
Pig Organ Soup Lite5.00
Side Orders2.00 each
Beverages2.50 each

The Pig Organ Soup Singapore Location

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-72, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday: 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Pig Organ Soup spicy?

The basic Pig Organ Soup is not spicy, but you can customize the spice level by adding condiments like chili or chopped garlic.

Are there any vegetarian options available?

Unfortunately, Pig Organ Soup is a meat-based dish, and vegetarian options may be limited. However, you can inquire about other non-meat alternatives at the stall.

Can I customize my order?

Absolutely! Feel free to customize your Pig Organ Soup by adjusting spice levels, adding extra youtiao, or opting for specific organs. Just let the staff know your preferences.

Are there any allergens in the Pig Organ Soup?

The soup may contain allergens, especially for those sensitive to pork or specific spices. If you have allergies, it’s recommended to check with the staff about the ingredients used.

Is there parking available near Maxwell Food Centre?

Maxwell Food Centre may have limited parking spaces nearby. It’s advisable to use public transportation or other modes of commuting when visiting.

Can I get takeout or delivery?

Many stalls at Maxwell Food Centre offer takeout options. Delivery availability may vary, so it’s best to check with the stall or use a food delivery service.

The Pig Organ Soup Singapore Reviews

Avid OneAvid One
14:17 15 Feb 23
This stall at Maxwell Mkt is sooo gooooodI'm an avid food Hunter and have tried different food and various cuisinesThat said, I am also a of pig offal soupHave tried the two brands at Lavender and jln besar areas and only one has won my approval ..guess it's quite obvious which is the oneBack to serious topic, this Pig Organ Soup stall at Maxwell Market outshines the others.Their soup is so clear and that's a 功夫。They are also pretty generous with their 大。Chilli is robust and has the right numbing and tangyness.Just dun waste time, hop onto TEL and alight at Maxwell. Ignore all those stalls that has tourists queueing aimlessly and just go str for this Pig Organ Soup run by 3 friendly buddiesOn lucky days, you might even run into the grandson of the very famous Koh brothers pig organ soup. Dun forget to say ho or. Take a picture when u order hehe
03:15 07 Jan 23
Savory and refreshing clear soup with salted veg. Soup was refillable too. Could tell the stall invested sig. effort in cleaning the pig organs as there was no gamey taste. Each organ type was cooked to its ideal texture (incl the liver). Will come back again.
06:09 11 Nov 22
Went Maxwell today and almost all the food stalls over there the queue was too long for me to queue. Decided to order the one with the shortest queue and didn’t have much faith that it will be good. But to my surprise, i love how clear the soup and doesn’t have any smell from the pig organ and it’s not that sour compared to the others i ate before. The sourness of the soup was just nice. I even had a second serving for the soup cause it was so good (at least in my opinion). The pig organs in the soup was alright, i love the meatballs though and the portion was just right.
Lydz C.Lydz C.
10:53 09 Nov 22
I never liked pig organ soup because of the porky smell and from where I came from it’s hard to imagine myself having plenty of pig organs, but the pig organ soup here is really the best. No weird smell. Soup is light and balanced. Not like the usual kind - full of pepper or too salty. The fermented veggie makes it surprisingly addictive. The owner did a very good job 👏🏻 will come back again!
Alicia LumAlicia Lum
14:30 28 Jul 22
Surprisingly excellent. As you can see from the photo, the soup is extremely clear and light-tasting. Don't think I have seen pig organ soup this clear before. Soup is flavourful and doesn't have the smell associated with pig organ. Ingredients are also very generous. Highly recommended. A hidden gem in Maxwell Food Centre.

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