Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice Maxwell Food Centre

Welcome to Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore. It’s a special place in the lively Maxwell Food Centre to enjoy a famous dish. This Stall makes Hainanese chicken rice, and it’s delicious. The chicken is tender, and the rice is cooked with chicken broth and pandan leaves, making it flavorful. People love it a lot. Come and savour the tasty tradition of Hainanese chicken rice at Tian Tian, a place where the food is always fantastic.

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice Menu

Savour the delights at Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore, known for its signature dish of tender chicken on fragrant jasmine rice. Explore a diverse menu featuring appetizers like Spring Rolls, Prawn Dumplings, and iconic dishes such as Chilli Crab and Crispy Prawn Paste Chicken Wings.

Vegetarian options like Vegetarian Laksa and Stir-Fried Asian Greens are available, while sweet treats include Mango Sticky Rice and Pandan Kaya Toast. Quench your thirst with traditional beverages like Teh Tarik and Fresh Coconut Juice.


DishPrice (SGD)
Spring Rolls (4)$8.99
Prawn Dumplings (6)$10.99

Soup Delights

DishPrice (SGD)
Hainanese Chicken Soup$6.99
Seafood Tom Yum Soup$12.99

Main Course – Signature Dishes

DishPrice (SGD)
Hainanese Chicken Rice$14.99
Chilli CrabMarket Price
Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball (6)$16.99
Crispy Prawn Paste Chicken Wings (8)$13.99

Vegetarian Delights

DishPrice (SGD)
Vegetarian Laksa$11.99
Stir-Fried Asian Greens$9.99


DishPrice (SGD)
Mango Sticky Rice$7.99
Pandan Kaya Toast$5.99


DishPrice (SGD)
Teh Tarik$3.99
Fresh Coconut Juice$4.99

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice Singapore Locations

Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-10/11 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday: 10:00 AM–7:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice special?

Tian Tian is renowned for its signature Hainanese Chicken Rice, featuring tender chicken on fragrant jasmine rice, paired with distinctive chilli sauce and ginger paste. The dish is celebrated for its authentic taste and preparation.

Are there vegetarian options available?

Yes, Tian Tian offers vegetarian alternatives, including Vegetarian Laksa and Stir-Fried Asian Greens. These dishes provide flavorful choices for those with vegetarian preferences.

Can I make reservations at Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice?

Tian Tian typically operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and reservations may not be accepted. However, the restaurant’s popularity may result in queues during peak hours.

Is Chilli Crab always available, and how is it priced?

Chilli Crab is a popular and iconic dish at Tian Tian, but availability may vary. As for pricing, Chilli Crab is often offered at a market price due to the fluctuating cost of crab.

What desserts are recommended at Tian Tian?

Tian Tian offers delightful desserts such as Mango Sticky Rice and Pandan Kaya Toast, providing a sweet conclusion to your meal. These desserts showcase a blend of traditional and unique flavours.

Are there options for takeaway or delivery?

Yes, Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice may offer takeaway services. Availability may vary, and it’s recommended to check with the restaurant directly or through online platforms for delivery options.

What traditional beverages are available?

Quench your thirst with traditional beverages like Teh Tarik, a sweet and creamy pulled tea, and Fresh Coconut Juice, offering a refreshing taste of natural coconut water.

Does Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice cater to dietary restrictions?

While the menu features diverse options, it’s advisable to inform the staff about any dietary restrictions or allergies. They may provide guidance or offer suitable alternatives to accommodate your needs.

Final Words

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice is your gateway to authentic Singaporean flavours. With signature dishes and delightful treats, it’s a must-try for locals and visitors alike. Check the location, confirm the hours, and embark on a tasty adventure at Tian Tian.

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice Review

Stephen Goh Chan WengStephen Goh Chan Weng
13:05 08 Feb 24
Long que for a normal chicken rice in a food court .
Edwin LowEdwin Low
09:55 08 Feb 24
puni ppuni p
03:49 08 Feb 24
fifi Huangfifi Huang
01:26 08 Feb 24
I think it's okay, not outstanding.And the food court seats are not comfortable.
14:12 06 Feb 24
the texture is so soft and overall taste good, but it’s so crowded you need to queue for some times, but it’s ok!
Dasun PremathilakaDasun Premathilaka
09:51 06 Feb 24
09:16 06 Feb 24
Very delicious dish. Many people waiting for it.
15:43 05 Feb 24
Ha... I was hit with a storm of nagging after I took my mom.First of all, I can't speak Chinese, but he suddenly got angry and took more money (I think he was pretending that he didn't have any change, so I recommend taking some change with him). This is the ultimate in unfriendliness. No credit card, only QR payment.Anyway, the portions were really small, the hygiene was the worst of all the food centers I've been to (alcohol wipes are required), and the taste... it's definitely not the taste that's praised on YouTube blogs. It tastes like just boiled chicken and rice with sauce on it..? Please don't order the bok choy I ordered as a side dish. It was a waste of money and I almost went crazy.Maybe it was because I was expecting a good meal without having to worry about anything, but there was nothing really special about it and it was just cheap for Singapore (but the portions were small so this too...)
Brandon ChoongBrandon Choong
10:15 01 Feb 24
Lives up to its Michelin Gourmand reputation. Succulent chicken, fragrant and fluffy rice. Chilli sauce acidity and spiciness compliments both the rice and chicken perfectly. The line length can be a little confronting but service is surprisingly fast and efficient.
G SantanaG Santana
18:38 31 Jan 24
Still a lot of tourist coming.. n the foods good too…
Agustini MashalimAgustini Mashalim
12:01 31 Jan 24
Came for brunch, long queqe as usual but service is fast , within 15minutes food is ready. Order chicken rice M and stir pakchoy . No wonder the always got Michellin star, rice is fragrant, chicken tender n juicy
kyle rkyle r
11:58 31 Jan 24
One of the best Chicken rice that I have ever had. The line was not too bad either - about 10 minutes (although that is very variable)
Miranti VidyasariMiranti Vidyasari
01:38 27 Jan 24
Super tasty chicken rice by far. It’s tender, juicy. The rice itself has big portion, and super well seasoned, can taste the ginger and garlic too. Which i like.Nice stir vegetable. The dipping chilli sauce is really compliment and perfect for overall chicken rice.We come twice in a row during our visit in singapore.Be prepared for super long queues, but the line goes fast tho.
Albert XanAlbert Xan
13:39 30 Dec 23
- Located in Maxwell Food Center.- During my visit here at the weekend, the queue was quite long, but the service was quicker than what I expected, which makes me only have to wait around 10-15 minutes.- I ordered the medium-sized chicken rice (which is the most popular dish). After finishing it, I could say that the chicken was quite tender, juicy and plenty. But not tasty enough that I would give 5 star- They only accept cash too.
Khanh TruongKhanh Truong
16:25 16 Nov 23
Back to Singapore after a few years and decide to try this place again. It is still good and worth paying a visit when in the area.I ordered one Tian Tian Chicken Rice (M) and one Oyster Sauce Vegetables (S), $10 in total. The chicken is soft and juicy, the chilli sauce is pretty good and well-paired with the chicken and the rice (cooked with chicken broth). The vegetables are cooked nicely, really crunchy.The long is quite long so get prepared. However, it clears pretty quick as they are quite efficient. The Maxwell Food Centre is a bit hot in the afternoon though.
SZ LimSZ Lim
06:04 03 Nov 23
Average chicken rice with not so average price. Despite the queue being long, it was a short wait only. Don't be discouraged by the long queue.Taste wise really feels like average neighborhood chicken rice. Definitely not as good as boon tong kee.Service was good. But they only accept cash. Which is a big downside. Atmosphere wise, Maxwell being Maxwell is damn hot in the afternoon
04:54 31 Aug 23
The best chicken rice that we had so far.We arrived around 6 pm on Friday. I guessed there's more than 30 people already queue up. But for our surprise, the waiting period was not that long. The service was efficient.We managed to order steam chicken only since they out of roasted chicken. The chicken was so tender and juicy. And we absolutely fall in love with it. The rice was really good.

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